Crowley’s Law

As always, laws aren’t named after the people who invent them. In 2011 I remarked:

“@frasernels” refers to Fraser Nelson who is now @FraserNelson on Twitter. @palmer1984 immediately informed me that I had nicked this observation from her, which I find very credible since I seem to make a habit of presenting her best ideas as my own! But it’s mildly noteworthy because Monbiot was taken with it, tweeting

and later, in The Spectator runs false sea-level claims on its cover (jointly authored with Mark Lynas):

(We should, as the tweeter Paul Crowley suggested, institute a new version of Godwin’s law: a rightwinger, when his claims are challenged, will soon denounce his opponents as thought police. Let’s call it Crowley’s Law.)

Fraser Nelson’s invocation of the spirit of Orwell that inspired the coinage was quite ridiculous, done in the face not of any kind of censorship or suppression of speech but simply of direct criticism of what was a laughable publishing choice in the first place. However, I’m writing this blog post as a quick link to set the record straight on one issue: I’ve never agreed with George Monbiot’s politically partisan framing of the problem.

Update: the perfect postscript: