The technical debt of the millennia

[Epistemic status: not serious. Mostly.] In my nightmares, even the rise of machine superintelligence isn’t enough to wipe out technical debt. Suppose the seed to the first true superintelligent agent is based on some fiendish numerical algorithm for supercomputers. Like so many fiendish numerical algorithms for supercomputers, the agentĀ is written in FORTRAN to take advantageContinue reading “The technical debt of the millennia”

As an aside, something should be done about drones

I will pause to note how fantastical all of this sounds. Because even I can’t help but help but think that as I write. But it is not that implausible. Usually the people plotting hard core crimes, the people tinkering in their garages with arduino boards, the people trying to think of a good start-up,Continue reading “As an aside, something should be done about drones”