Some brief notes on how to sign up for cryonics in the UK

If you want to be signed up for cryonics but you haven’t quite taken the first step, you should send three emails now.

First, you’re going to need life insurance to pay for your cryopreservation and storage. For that I recommend my financial advisor, Chris Morgan of Compass Independent; I persuaded him to look into how to do insurance for cryonics and since then he’s looked after me very well.

Second, you’ll need a contract with a cryonics provider. I am signed up with the Cryonics Institute.

Third, you’ll need a standby and transport service; in the UK that means Cryonics UK.

So the very next thing you should do, right now, is send three quick emails saying “I want to sign up for cryopreservation and you’ve been recommended to me. What shall I do next?” to these email addresses:

It’s likely that more people have died while cryocrastinating than have actually been cryopreserved, so don’t delay. Fire off those three emails now; don’t worry about composing them just right, all you have to say is “OK I’m signing up, what do I do now?”.

Then comment to say you’ve done it, and if there’s any way I can help, let me know.

Published by Paul Crowley

I'm Paul Crowley aka "ciphergoth", a cryptographer and programmer living in Mountain View, California. See also my Twitter feed, my webpages, my blogs on Dreamwidth and Livejournal, and my previous proper blog. Or mail me: paul at

2 thoughts on “Some brief notes on how to sign up for cryonics in the UK

  1. Done. I’ve been delaying investigating how that is done for too long already, anyway. Thanks for the recommendations!

    And yes, I check out your blog occasionally :)

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