Moving to the Bay Area in March

Big life change ahead: in March, I, Jess, and our two cats will be renting out our London flat and moving to California’s San Francisco Bay Area for two years!

I love the time I spend in the Bay and my wonderful friends there, and Jess and I have long said we wanted to spend some of our lives there, but it’s always been one of those plans that’s hard to achieve and waits for tomorrow. Two things have changed to turn tomorrow into a specific date. First, my job with Google makes the whole thing much easier: I can keep not just my current job but my current role, and go to work in a campus I know and enjoy, they offer all sorts of help with various aspects of the move, and of course the visa situation is far more straightforward. But secondly, when Jess heard the news that her amazing sister Bee and Bee’s lovely fiancé Nick were moving to LA, it filled her with a desire to seize the day.

To me this feels like an opportunity for adventure that’s almost laid out on a plate for us, and we have to take it. I’m really looking forward to flying out Nik and Rachel to visit; they and our families are being super-supportive.

We will miss you all, unless you live in California, in which case, we’re looking forward to seeing more of you!

Published by Paul Crowley

I'm Paul Crowley aka "ciphergoth", a cryptographer and programmer living in Mountain View, California. See also my Twitter feed, my webpages, my blogs on Dreamwidth and Livejournal, and my previous proper blog. Or mail me: paul at

2 thoughts on “Moving to the Bay Area in March

  1. Paul, this is wonderful news, all the best. Every time I find myself at the Bay Area I regret not making an attempt to live there – not now, back in the 90s. You’re both incredibly lucky to make that move.

    Please send stories. Also, I’ll probably see more of you. The world is strangely non-Euclidian.

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